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How Hiring A Real Estate Photographer Can Benefit Your Sale

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Selling your home is no easy task, but the right photos can really make all the difference. Of course you know that you shouldn’t use your smartphone, but even if you have your own professional camera with all the bells and whistles, you may not know how to properly highlight the interior and exterior of your beautiful house. In today’s housing market, more and more potential buyers are looking online for their next home to the point where up to 90 percent begin their real estate searches on the internet.

For a real estate agent, this means that those buyers walking into their office probably have a good idea of the homes they’re interested in. Now, since buyers are no longer driving to the homes that are for sale to do a walk through first, it makes getting a listing noticed a bit harder, especially considering the aforementioned 90 percent statistic.

Professional Real Estate Photography

Everyone judge’s books by their cover, even if we’ve always been told not to, but when it comes to a large investment like a house, the pictures online are worth a thousand words. Great real estate photos can get a property noticed in no time, but poor photos can turn away potential buyers immediately. Now as a real estate agent, you may think a digital camera will do the trick, but real estate photography is actually more complicated than other forms of professional photography.

In order to properly gain the right views of your listing, a professional real estate photographer will use more equipment, more time, and a higher skill set than a simple point and shoot photographer would achieve.

The wrong real estate photos not only waste the time of the agent, but they also achieve the exact opposite of what was initially intended. The right photos are crucial to any successful real estate sale, and with sellers becoming more demanding of how their property is marketed, taking your own photos is a waste of your time.

With panoramic capabilities, a real estate photographer will take their time walking along the properties to make sure they capture the best angles and views that allow the potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home. If they can’t picture themselves living there, then you most likely won’t make that sale. So when you’re trying to sell a property, make sure you make it look good, because the right photos can even make a fixer upper not look so bad.

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